A ‘Colourised’ Version of From Hell

A ‘Colourised’ Version of From Hell by Eddie Campbell for September

Top Shelf is set to publish a color version of the classic graphic novel From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell later this year.

As reported for Comicon by Koom Kankesan from TCAF,

Eddie mentioned that he and Top Shelf are releasing a new edition of From Hell with some of the continuity cleaned up, and with pages coloured by Eddie. At first, I thought he was pulling my leg because Eddie’s a bit of a joker, but he did eventually show me some coloured pages on his laptop.

Kooma elaborated to A Moment With Moore, saying,

Eddie also said he wanted to fix the continuity. I was trying to figure out what that meant because I couldn’t really remember any continuity problems in the plot or writing. He grabbed my collected edition of From Hell and flipped to the early, quite remarkable chapter where Netley and Gull are driving around London and Gull discourses on all the historical resonance. He pointed out that the chapter takes place in August and therefore it made no sense for Netley to wear a scarf. He also pointed out that they were atop a very elaborate coach, one that was more like a limousine, and would thus draw a lot of attention. Later on in the book, I think they’re on a hansom cab instead. He also pointed out a panel with a church where the perspective of the foreground and background don’t match.

The first volume is planned for August.

From Hell is probably my favourite comic book of all time, and it’s a volume I regularly return to. I have the original chapters serialised in Taboo, I have the individual volumes that followed, I have the collected version in at least two formats, I have original art on my study wall and I will be looking out for solicitations tomorrow to add another to the bookshelf. I have no idea how I will react to the colours and how it will change the tone of the story – but I have the original to return to if I can’t take it any more…