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    Avengers Hulk Gamma Grip Fists PRE ORDER


    From Hasbro Toy Group. Bruce Banner is ready to smash into action as the gamma-powered hero, HulkHulk smash, and kids can too, with these awesome Gamma Grip Fists! Put one on each hand and then you’ll feel just like your favorite smashing superhero. They grip, they grab – they smash! Hulk up for awesome superhero adventures with the Gamma Grip Fists!
    Estimated to arrive May 2021

    Hello Kitty Yum Yum Burger Sour Candy PRE ORDER


    From Boston America. Kitty’s yummy kawaii burger is filled with 1.2 oz of sour orange burger-shaped candies.
    R95 EACH

    Gigan Hyper Solid Series PVC Statue PRE ORDER

    R5,500.00 R4,999.00

    Art Spirits
    Godzilla has met his match with one of the most popular kaiju of all time.  Following up after Shin Godzilla in the Art Spirits elite Hyper Solid series is the powerful tool of alien warlords in his first appearance from 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars, GIGAN!  With its previous outing fully 31 years before, Gigan was a prime candidate for a big return in Final Wars, and the kaiju got it with a sleek and vicious new look.  The monstrous cyborg in non-scale painted PVC statue form strides confidently through wreckage left by its brutal attacks, practically daring its opponents to get within reach of its deadly weapons.  Gigan is mostly humanoid in shape with ribbed and textured skin studded with armor and spikes.  The kaiju has a long, armored tail curving around its body and poised to strike, while enormous hooked blades where its hands would be are held at the ready.  Its array of weaponry includes a line of spikes starting at its head and going down its back, and even a wicked vertical saw blade in its torso!  Gigan’s skin is replicated with a shiny dark blue color while a deep red appears on the membranes of its triple frills and the robotic eye visor; meanwhile, the cyborg’s armor plating, weapons, and toothed beak with mandibles are a menacing dark metallic silver.  Gigan stands over 10 ½ inches tall on its highly detailed urban rubble display base.  This incredible kaiju will absolutely dominate your collection, whether you have it displayed alone or facing off with other Solid Series entries like Godzilla!
    Estimated to arrive MAY 2021

    My Hero Accademia All Might ArtFX J Figure PRE ORDER

    R3,200.00 R2,699.00

    From Kotobukiya. The latest characters to join Kotobukiya’s ARTFX J lineup from the hit anime series My Hero Academia are the hero All Might and League of Villains member Himiko Toga! All Might comes to life full of strength which can be seen through his stance and his mighty fists. Take notice of the detailed sculpt of his well trained and sturdy muscles that are a fitting representation of the “Symbol of Peace.” At first glance, Himiko looks like a normal high school girl as she stands in a cutesy pose, but the knife that she is gripping in her right hand hints at her twisted personality. Display them together to recreate the world of My Hero Academia in your own home!
    Estimated to arrive MAY 2021

    Mini Egg Attack Batman With Grappling Gun PX Exclusive PRE ORDER

    R350.00 R299.00

    From Beast Kingdom. With such a rich and diverse set of characters from The Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan, what better way to showcase the range than with a new line of Mini Egg Attack figures from Beast Kingdom? The new Dark Knight MEA range is launched with five classic characters each with their own distinctive costume, signature pose, weapons and accessories! Collect two versions of The Dark Knight himself: Batman with a Grappling gun and Batman with a Batarang; along with Joker, Catwoman, Two-Face, and Bane at a convenient 3-Inch height, perfect for any shelf! collect all 5 characters in the Dark Knight series and wait for your very own dawn!
    Estimated to arrive May 2021

    Dragon Ball Z Dragon Fist Explosion Figuarts Statue PRE ORDERS


    From Tamashii Nations. SUPER SAIYAN 3 SON GOKU -Dragon fist explosion- joins Figuarts ZERO! Sculpted to capture Goku’s epic Dragon Fist scene from the film, “Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Fist Explosion!! If Goku Can’t Do It, Who Will?”. Meticulously colored to evoke the drama of him defeating his foe in the climax of the film, this display piece practically overflows with energy! [Set Contents] Main Body
    Estimated to arrive Q4 2021

    Avengers Endgame Storm Breaker 1:1 Scale Prop PRE ORDER


    From Rubies Costumes. When you dress as Thor, the Norse god hero from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame, this Halloween, complete your costume with this Stombreaker replica hammer!

    Avengers Endgame 1:1 Scale Thor Mjolnir Hammer Prop


    From Rubies Costumes. When you dress as Thor, the Norse god hero from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame, this Halloween, complete your costume with this Mjolnir replica hammer!
    Estimated to arrive in April 2021

    Avengers Endgame Deluxe Gauntlet PRE ORDER


    From Rubies Costumes. When you dress as your favorite charaters from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame, this Halloween, complete your costume with this Iron Gauntlet!
    Estimated to arrive in April 2021

    Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles Prop PRE ORDER


    From Rubies Costumes. You never know what kind of ghosts will be lurking around the corner! Now you can spot ghosts with ease with these officially licensed Ghostbusters ecto goggles. Just like in the film, these goggles light up when in use.
    ESTIMATED TO ARRIVE End April 2021

    Ghost Busters Proton Light Up Pack PRE ORDER


    From Rubies Costumes. No Ghostbuster can hit the streets for some spirit hunting without arming themselves with a proton pack! This light-up prop features movie-quality details and sounds from the glowing power cell. To top it off, it has high-voltage warning stickers and tangled wires that add extra authenticity to your Ghostbuster’s getup. Adjustable straps means that this ghost-grabbing machine is perfect for all ages! Just don’t cross streams!
    Estimated to arrive End April 2022