All Star Squadron

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    All-Star Squadron #10 1981 Comics


    The Squadron have split up in this issue to protect the President. While Hawkman is flying in the sky he sees a team of pilots. Everything seems ok until A giant Mechanical eye pops up and starts to attack the airmen. When the eye starts to head toward the White House the Squadron all run from there individual missions to the eye. Will the squadron defeat the Mysterious and Destructive Mechanical Eye? Will they find out who is behind the eye? Or will they perish in the cataclysmic battle for america. Buy this issue to see the squadron, and maybe the world, face there greatest threat yet.

    All-Star Squadron #5 1981 Comics


    With America’s involvement with World War II evident, the Justice Society decides to disband and enlist in their secret identities; all except Dr. Fate and the Spectre. Meanwhile, in Mexico, Nazi General Sakuel makes a partnership with the Feathered Serpent. The Feathered Serpent plans on bringing back the Mayan Empire by sacrificing Shiera Sanders, aka Hawkgirl. Back in the U.S., Johnny Quick and Robotman go to the Statue of Liberty to stop some saboteurs. They meet up with the other All-Stars, just in time for Danette Reilly to discover she has the ability to generate fire at will. The speedster puts out the flames, and Danette discovers her brother Rod’s secret: he was the hero Firebrand. Danette adopts the Firebrand identity, and joins the All-Star Squadron. Hawkman asks the All-Stars for help finding the missing Shiera, and they travel to Mexico. Once there, they find Nazis and the Feathered Serpent about to sacrifice Shiera.

    All-Star Squadron #4 1981 Comics


    When both teams return to Pearl Harbor and see the damage, the more powerful of the heroes go to defend an island under siege by the Japanese in the Pacific; They arrive, with the others in tow, but slowly begin to fall under both the Holy Tablet (supposedly carved from part of the Holy Grail itself) and the Spear of Destiny’s combined magicks (both held by Tojo and Hitler respectively); The others must then fight them and get them back to territory not under Axis control/influence; In Washington, D.C., FDR declares all heroes as All-Star members now for World War II’s duration.