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    Arrow Season 2.5 #12 2014 Comics


    All roads have led to this — the final confrontation between Oliver Queen and Caleb Green! Don’t miss the shocking series finale of ARROW SEASON 2.5!

    Arrow Season 2.5 #9 2014 Comics


    Caleb Green’s been supercharged with Mirakuru – and he’s got a beef with Oliver Queen! Will Oliver’s past finally catch up with him?

    Arrow Season 2.5 #6 2014 Comics


    Task Force X (a.k.a. Suicide Squad) goes up against Onslaught, a deadly network of religious extremist militants led by a mysterious figure calling himself Khem-Adam. As the terrorist leader threatens to make an example of a group of captive schoolgirls, John Diggle leads his team of Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and newcomer Ravan into an explosive confrontation, determined to save the girls – and the nation of Kahndaq – from the terrorists’ grip. Don’t miss this special Suicide Squad tale drawn by guest artist Szymon Kudranski!

    Arrow Season 2.5 #3 2014 Comics


    Oliver’s investigation into the Church of Blood takes him to the darkest corners of Starling City…where both friend and foe are eager to make The Arrow’s acquaintance. Plus: The Suicide Squad heads to Sudan in a thrilling backup story!

    Arrow #6 2012 Comics


    All-new digital adventures in print for the first time, inspired by the hit TV series! In an attempt to take down a Venezuelan drug cartel, Oliver gives one of its members a chance at redemption! While attending a football game, Oliver encounters a deranged madman threatening to destroy the entire stadium! Can the Arrow take him down without revealing his identity? A case from Detective Lance’s past leads him down a dangerous road for the first time…