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Catwoman (2018) #52 Comic Book



Looks like cat is the new black in Gotham jail as Selina quickly finds herself clawing her way up as the queen cat behind bars by making friends with all the wrong types (which are of course also exactly her types). Meanwhile, Eiko Hasigawa continues to prowl the Gotham streets as the Catwoman keeping the mob bosses in check, with a little help from…Tomcat.

Catwoman (2018) #54 Comic Book PRE-ORDER

You know what they say: two’s company, but three’s a crowd! The Royal Flush Gang joins Selina Kyle behind bars,

Catwoman (2018) #50 Comic Book

FURIOUS HEARTS, PART 3 OF 3 / PART II: THE AFTERMATH Punchline and her Royal Flush gang are causing mayhem

Catwoman (2018) #48 Comic Book

Writer: Tini Howard | Penciler: Nico LeonDon’t you just hate it when your current and former lovers meet accidentally? That’s definitely the case here for Catwoman, as Valmont and Batman cross paths! Is Batman jealous or just concerned that Selina is dating an international criminal who is also a murderer? There are some lines you just don’t cross, Cat, and not all attention is good attention.

Catwoman #43 2018 Comics

VROOM VROOM! We all have that friend we call when we want a wild girls' night out—and for Catwoman, that friend is Harley Quinn. It's a night of hip whips and hot laps at the roller derby, complete with a little road-trip crime. It might even be the type of girls' night that gets sealed with a kiss, if Catwoman's allies back in Gotham can hold down the fort while the Cat's away…