Masters of the Universe

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    Identity Crisis #6 2004 Comics


    The thrill-packed 7-issue miniseries by best-selling author Brad Meltzer and artists extraordinaire Rags Morales and Michael Bair builds to December’s unbelievable finale! From the very start, he’s been on the case and sifting through clues. No one knows better what it’s like to lose someone you love. He’s the World’s Greatest Detective. Now it’s time for Batman to prove it.Batman tries to find the killer of Robin’s father.

    Identity Crisis #4 2004 Comics


    The most talked-about miniseries of 2004 continues! How could anyone get past the Thanagarian, Martian, Apokoliptian and Kryptonian security systems installed since the murder of a loved one in IDENTITY CRISIS #1? And look out, because new suspects in the serial killings just may start involving the villains’ loved ones too!

    Identity Crisis #3 2004 Comics


    The DCU’s biggest event of 2004 continues!The mysterious murders in the DCU continue to fuel the flames of unrest in both the heroic community AND the emerging cabal of villains! And if the knock-down, drag-out battle supreme between Deathstroke the Terminator and the Justice League is any indication, things are going to get far worse before they get better!Dr. Light’s life is threatened and he needs protection. Who would you call? Just the better, Deathstroke the Terminator.Slade vs the League, Round 1.

    Identity Crisis #2 2004 Comics


    Continuing the shocking miniseries that will shake the entire DCU to its very core! In the aftermath of a devastating loss, past and present members of the JLA revisit a deep dark secret of their collective past. Alliances will form and trusts will be broken as the heroes and villains try to solve the greatest mystery to hit the world in decades! Nothing is like it seems to be inside the Justice League. Dr. Light’s cruelty and punishment will ignite a series of actions and lies that will change the basis of DC’s main team forever.

    Identity Crisis #1 2004 Comics


    The biggest event of 2004 begins here! Uncover the DCU’s deadliest secret with a miniseries that explores the DCU from a whole new perspective. It’s a secret they’ll fight to keep, a secret they’re willing to sacrifice themselves for. But this sacrifice, this victim seems almost too much for them to bear…While Firehawk and Elongated Man were looking for villains in the streets, a tragedy occurs that not only will shock the superhero community but unveil some dark secrets inside the Justice League.

    Injustice vs Masters of the Universe #6 2018 Comics


    He-Man is beset on all sides—by enemies and allies alike. If he helps Superman use the Nexus, he may save Earth from ever falling to injustice. But Skeletor has a marvelous trick up his sleeve! The battle rages, but who will prevail?

    Injustice vs Masters of the Universe #5 2018 Comics


    Betrayed by Skeletor and fearing the power Darkseid gained in his attack on Castle Grayskull, Superman takes up arms with his old compatriots. But will their combined might be enough to win a battle against a foe armed with the Anti-Life Equation?

    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #19 2013 Comics


    The secrets of the House of Grayskull are revealed! Flash back to Prince Adam’s childhood, when rebellion struck King Randor’s throne. What does this moment in time mean for the future war in Eternia? Find out in this prelude to MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: THE ETERNITY WAR #1!

    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #17 2013 Comics


    After last issue’s shocking ending, He-Man has been left for dead – and Hordak’s Fright Zone is set to overtake Anwat-Gar. Adora must call upon the Sorceress Teela who tells her the story of King Greyskull’s death and of the lost Eternian relic that might save her brother – The Sword of Protection! Don’t miss the action as the Origin of She-Ra continues!

    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #16 2013 Comics


    ‘Wanted: He-Man and Adora!’ After reaching the mystical island of Anwat-Gar, He-Man and Adora are still on the run from Hordak and his villainous Horde. And He-Man can’t shake the suspicion they’re being hunted – but by whom? Fan favorite villain Tri-Klops returns in the latest chapter of ‘The Origin of She-Ra!’

    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #13 2013 Comics


    Before a new adventure begins, take a journey back 1,000 years to the reign of King Grayskull. Newly victorious over Hordak, it is a time of great victory and celebration for the King and Castle Grayskull stands in all of its regal glory. But an ominous prophecy weighs upon the crown, and sinister forces are already at work to see that it comes true.

    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #12 2013 Comics


    The dramatic conclusion to ‘What Lies Within.’ With He-Man captured, it’s up to Teela and the rest of their allies to try to overcome their enemy and his overwhelming forces. But what price will come with victory? One hero has already been tragically lost and one will be transformed forever. A major chapter in the history of the Masters of the Universe concludes, as another is about to begin.