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Defenders #4 2021 Comics

(W) Al Ewing (A/CA) Javier Rodriguez
BEFORE THERE WERE GODS... THERE WERE MARVELS! Doctor Strange and his Defenders land in the Fourth Cosmos - the home of the Archetypes of Good and Evil, primal entities of pure myth destined to echo through every reality to come - as the desperate Dr. Zota attempts to harness their power to rewrite all existence in his own hand! Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez explore the truest origins of the Marvel Multiverse in a cosmos-colliding epic you'll have to experience to believe! RATED T+

Black Panther #1 2021 Comics



NEW CREATIVE TEAM, NEW DIRECTION—“THE LONG SHADOW” STARTS HERE! Secrets from T’Challa’s past have come back to haunt him! Fresh from returning from his travels in space, Black Panther receives an unexpected and urgent message from a Wakandan secret agent! Now T’Challa must race the clock not only to save his agent, but also to keep his true agenda under wraps. Because if the truth comes out, it could cost T’Challa everything… Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley and Stormbreaker artist Juann Cabal launch an all-new BLACK PANTHER series with an action-packed espionage story that will upend everything in T’Challa’s life and have ramifications for the entire Marvel Universe!

Thor #12 2020 Comics

(W) Donny Cates (A) Nic Klein (CA) Olivier Coipel
DOCTORS FOSTER & BLAKE, READY YOUR SCALPELS! Once upon a time, Jane Foster and Donald Blake were more than friends. With Blake at her side, Jane could've shared the very throne of Asgard. Now...they are about to become the bitterest of enemies. And if Valkyrie falls, she'll have lost more than a crown. All of the Ten Realms are at stake - not to mention the life of All-Father Thor! Rated T+

Daredevil #24 2019 Comics

(W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Mike Hawthorne (CA) Marco Checchetto
THE VERDICT ON DAREDEVIL! BACK IN RED, but for how long? As Hell's Kitchen still reels from the chaos unleashed upon its streets by the Stromwyns, its citizens are looking for someone to hold accountable. MEANWHILE, hizzoner Mayor Wilson Fisk, now a hero in the eyes of his citizens, sets his sights on a new venture - with a dangerous ally at his side. 32 PGS./Rated T+

Daredevil #23 2018 Comics

(W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Marco Checchetto (CA) Alex Ross
EISNER-NOMINATED FOR BEST CONTINUING SERIES, COVER ARTIST, WRITER & LETTERER! •  Matt Murdock, A.K.A. DAREDEVIL, has been putting his life back together after the monumental first year of Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto's run - but the criminals of Hell's Kitchen aren't inclined to give him any more time to heal. •  Criminals aren't all Matt will have to contend with on the road ahead, as the likes of TYPHOID MARY and BULLSEYE have made their presence known once more. •  To say nothing of ELEKTRA, and her designs for The Kitchen, the city and the world...

Immortal Hulk #39 2018 Comics

(W) Al Ewing (A) Joe Bennett (CA) Alex Ross
• Some time ago, an outside force entered Bruce Banner's system. •  The Devil says it's the Green Scar. The Green Scar says it's the Devil. Maybe they're both right...or both wrong... •   ...but only one of them can be the IMMORTAL Rated T+  

Empyre Fantastic Four #5 2020 Comic

(W) Al Ewing, Dan Slott (A) Valerio Schiti (CA) Jim Cheung
• Love and war - in the midst of cosmic cataclysm! •  One fan-favorite Marvel hero reveals their secret - as another faces the ultimate showdown with a monstrous foe! •  Meanwhile, an outer-space jailbreak leads to a trial by combat you'll have to see to believe... • ...but is it all too late to save Earth from two world-ending threats at once?Rated T+

Venom #8 Campbell Variant 2018 Comics

(W) Donny Cates (A) Iban Coello (CA) J. Scott Campbell
"THE ABYSS" CONTINUES! •  After the gut-wrenching events of last issue, Eddie Brock finds himself alone for the first time in a LONG time, and the silence is deafening... •  A can't-miss issue for those looking to see the beginnings of next summer's VENOM epic! Rated T+
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