X-Men: Red (2022) #8

Writer: Al Ewing | Artist: Madibek Musabekov | Cover Artist: Matt WilsonWELCOME TO THE WORLD FARM! CABLE springs his trap for ABIGAIL BRAND—but are her plans too big for even the Askani’son to handle alone? To foil a scheme stretching from the Sol System to the Shi’ar Empire and beyond, the Soldier of Tomorrow’s going to need all the help he can get…from his very own X-MEN RED!

X-Men Red #2 2022 Comics



WHO CAN TAME THE RED PLANET? The mutants of Mars spent millennia worshipping war—and on what they now call Arakko, they’re keeping up their violent ways. Abigail Brand knows the red planet needs a firm ruler in charge. But Storm has other ideas, along with a broken Magneto in her corner and Sunspot making his own moves. It’s a new world…and someone has to claim it.

X-Men Red #11 2018 Comics

The X-Men have battled valiantly against their powerful psychic foe, Cassandra Nova, since the moment she framed Jean Grey for murder on the world stage. They have been hunted. They have been hated. And now...they can fight no more.