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Nova #11 2015 Comics

Sam Alexander has led a busy life as NOVA, but after all of his intergalactic gallivanting, is it time to hang up the helmet?

Nova #10 2015 Comics

NOVA is one of the most powerful kids in the galaxy, but where does all of that power COME from?Sam's father is missing, and everyone else in the galaxy who's ever been a Nova is dead or missing...Looks like Sam's going to have to find some answers for himself.

Nova #9 2015 Comics

CIVIL WAR II TIE-IN!Nova comes to New York!Stuck between two sides of a war he doesn't want to fight, Sam Alexander makes a tough choice.

Nova #4 2016 Comics

Sam Alexander is going on a date with the new girl in school, while Rich reconnects with an old flame from his past…the Guardian of the Galaxy called Gamora!But not everything is as it seems. It’s true, Richard Rider has come back to life…but he’s brought something back with him. Something dangerous.And whatever it is, it’s growing…

Nova #3 2016 Comics

Richard Rider…back from the dead?!But HOW?! And WHY?! And what does his return spell for Sam Alexander?

Nova #2 2016 Comics

THE RUMORS ARE TRUE!Richard Rider is back from the dead!Even better — he’s back in his Nova helmet!But Earth already HAS a Nova as its guardian, and Sam Alexander isn’t one to be replaced so easily…

Nova #1 2016 Comics

RICHARD RIDER IS BACK!Richard Rider makes his roaring return to the Marvel Universe! How will Sam Alexander cope with this unfathomable homecoming? It’s the return you’ve all been waiting for. Or is something...else? Strap in True Believer, you’ve never seen a NOVA book like this before!

Nova #7 2015 Comics

Nova's father is still missing, and his only clue to his old man's whereabouts blasted off into space last issue. Now, Sam is on the trail of a new mystery -- one he'll need The Avengers help to solve! Kicks off a story that will lead into ANAD Avengers #10!

Nova #6 2015 Comics

Sam Alexander learns the truth about the man who’s been masquerading as his father … and it’s going to send him back into space! The seeds of Nova’s next cosmic adventure are planted right here!

Nova #5 2015 Comics

Sam Alexander starts to unravel the mystery of his father, Jesse Alexander, and his actual whereabouts... But first, he'll have to find and take down the IMPOSTER! The answers start here!

Nova #4 2015 Comics

HOLY MOLE-Y! Nova's lost underground in New York! But his fellow Avengers are hot on his tail!

Nova #2 2015 Comics

MONSTERS! PANCAKES! MINI-GOLF! Sam Alexander is still getting used to having his dad back on Earth, but things are about to get a whole lot less stable when a surprising earthquake strikes. What's responsible for the catastrophic quake? If you guessed "a giant, awful monster than only Nova can stop," you're right! PLUS! More about Jesse is revealed...