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Venom (2019) #13

Writer: Al Ewing | Penciller, Cover Artist, Variant Cover Artist: Bryan HitchForced to watch his son die from across the timestream, Eddie Brock returns from space but finds himself surrounded by enemies. Alone, and with no one to trust, he finds an unexpected ally in Madelyne Pryor, as the stage is set for the most epic crossover of the year!LEGACY #213

Venom (2021) #12 Comic Book

Writer: Ram. V. | Penciler: Bryan Hitch | Cover Artist: Bryan HitchVenomworld Continues! After the shocking events of Venom #11, not only is Dylan Brock’s physical body in such grave condition that it may never recover, but his codex is as well. After a Hail Mary decision made by the Venom symbiote last issue, Dylan is about to see sides of symbiosis, the Klyntar and perhaps even his father that he has never even imagined!

Venom (2021) #3 Second Printing Comic Books

As everything Dylan Brock has come to know and love unravels around him, he is beginning to realize a terrible truth: The VENOM SYMBIOTE is not a harmless pet, no matter how much it pretends to be one. It’s an alien. A dangerous, violent, often bloodthirsty alien. Whatever bond it had with Dylan’s father, Eddie Brock, special as it may have been…is gone. And Dylan might be soon too.