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    Marvel Age Hulk #4 2004 Comics


    Someone is framing the Hulk for destruction in Texas… and there’s only one other big green monster that could fit the bill! That’s right! It’s the brawl you’ve been waiting for! The Hulk versus the Abomination in a drag-out, knock-down, green-fisted fight! How do these two monsters know each other?

    Marvel Age Hulk #3 2004 Comics


    Bruce Banner continues to wander across the Southwest and finds himself in the town of Roswell, New Mexico, where things aren’t always what they seem. Will the Hulk be able to stop an alien threat from invading Earth?

    Hulk & Thing Hard Knocks Full Set #1-#4 2004 Comics


    Bruce Jones and superstar artist Jae Lee bring you the ultimate Hulk/Thing battle! Think you know everything about the unique relationship between Marvel’s two most powerful sluggers? Guess again.

    Marvel Age Hulk #1 2004 Comics


    A certain green Goliath smashes his way into the Marvel Age, making it, indeed, more and more mighty! This title may in fact be the strongest one there is!!  At least it is when Bruce Banner is angry. When Bruce loses control, he becomes a VERY different man — the unstoppable creature men call the Hulk! Bear witness to never-before-told Hulk adventures in the thrilling Marvel Age manner!

    Despite the warnings of Dr. Bruce Banner a scientist in the small town of Bell Ranch tries to create a super pesticide and crop amplifier. When something goes terribly wrong and he instead creates a plague of mutated insects it’s up to the Hulk to save the town.

    Hulk #4 2017 Comics


    (W) Mariko Tamaki (A) Nico Leon (CA) Jeff Dekal
    •  Trying to rebuild her own life and law career, JENNIFER WALTERS is determined to help her newest client, MAISE BREWN, a woman on the verge of eviction and a massive nervous meltdown.
    •  Once an outgoing yoga instructor, a brutal attack changed Maise’s life forever. Now a reclusive shut-in, Maise wants Jen’s help…More than that, she wants a promise, that Jen will help her keep her home. And if Jen can’t, Maise has another plan, a menacing force of her own.
    •  What happens when a fear is so strong, it becomes a destructive force in its own right? Jen is about to find out.