Marvel Knights

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    Marvel Knights #3 2018 Comic Books


    Bruce was happy in his life. At peace. But that was before the notes came every night. Scrawled in a childlike hand. Driving him to seek out others like him. The blind man. The law officer. The self-defense instructor. Together, they must probe the very darkest parts of the soul on a quest for identity. A mystery that can only be unraveled…a threat that can only be challenged…by Knights.

    Marvel Knights #2 2018 Comic Books


    In celebration of the legendary imprint founded by Marvel’s CCO Joe Quesada, a new crop of talent stands poised to tell a groundbreaking story across the Marvel Universe! In the cemetery, the blind man does not know who he is, or why he has come to this particular grave at this moment. He doesn’t know the burly police officer with the wild story who has approached him. Or the strangely intense man who sits in the rear seat of the patrol car, his eyes flashing green. But all of that is about to change. Because Matt Murdock is beginning to remember… In a colorless world without heroes, the spark of light…must come from the dark…

    Marvel Knights Spider-Man #10 2004 Comics



    Now that Spider-Man knows the identity of the villain responsible for kidnapping Aunt May, will he seek justice or retribution? Plus, Black Cat guest stars!

    Marvel Knights Spider-Man #14 2004 Comics


    Wild Blue Yonder Part 2

    The Daily Bugle’s got a new star reporter. Ethan Edwards is his name, and he’s the ace in J. Jonah Jamesons’ deck, the apple in Betty Brant’s eye, and the bane of Peter Parker’s existence! Peter may get the pic, but never before Ethan’s got the scoop. And if that weren’t enough, there may be even more to Ethan than meets the eye…Still, Spidey’s got more pressing problems to deal with: a shape-shifting super-villain who’ll do anything to feed his nasty habit.

    Marvel Knights Spider-Man #12 2004 Comics



    Spider-Man is in for the fight of his life against two of his greatest foes. And with MJ’s life on the line, there is no room for mistakes! Don’t miss the conclusion to THE LAST STAND!

    Marvel Knights Spider-Man #9 2004 Comics



    The identity of Aunt May’s abductor is finally revealed! But is he the actual villain mastermind behind everything? Find out here!

    Marvel Knights Spider-Man #8 2004 Comics


    The thrilling conclusion of “VENOMOUS”! PART 4 (OF 4) Everyone’s favorite symbiote is back with a brand-new look!  Spider-Man is battling the new Venom.  Turns out that the new Venom is an kid named Angelo Fortunato,  who is an son of an mob boss named Don Fortunato who bought the suit for a million dollars.   Can Spidey beat this new threat?  Plus, in the end of the issue the guy who kidnaped Aunt May calls Peter.

    Marvel Knights Spider-Man #7 2004 Comics


    This month in the year’s hottest release: Things get worse! Everyone’s favorite symbiote is back – as only Millar and superstar Terry Dodson could envision him. Hold on to your spit, there’s a beatdown coming for at least one guy. Eddie Brock has finally left the symbiote and auctions it for 1 million dollars and the buyer a thug called The Fortunno he has high hopes for his son when the symbiote with open arms takes him to become venom. Angelo Fortunno the host of venom crashes into peters and Mary Janes school reunion and kills an innocent bystander. Filled with rage spider man engages him in battle.

    Marvel Knights Spider-Man #6 2004 Comics


    As Spider-Man continues to search for Aunt May, he pays a visit to a certain academy in Westchester and enlists the help of the world’s most famous team of mutants!

    Marvel Knights Spider-Man #5 2004 Comics


    Guest-artist Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows) comes on board to blow people’s minds, and to blow some things up for Spider-Man in a very unfriendly neighborhood! The brash, bold Mark Millar continues to beat the stuffing out of Peter Parker in new and inventive ways that you will not want to miss! Featuring Black Cat, Venom and Doctor Octopus! Eddie Brock is back in New York f. Also, after an battle with Electro and Vulture, Spider-man is still trying too find out who has kiddnapped Aunt May.  WHile thinking that, a brainwashed Dr.Octopus is attacking the streets of New York.  After Spidey easily defeated the savage doc ock, An group of swat teams try to unmasked Spider-Man for the reward for the unmasking of Spider-Man.

    Marvel Knights Spider-Man #4 2004 Comics


    As Spider-Man desperately navigates the seedy underworld of his most desperate and vile enemies, his missing family member is still nowhere to be found… The climax to this sold-out first arc features guest appearances by the Vulture, Black Cat, Electro, and The Owl… Get it fast, before they’re gone!  The Vulture kidnaps Peter Parker from the hospital because he wants to see the face of Spider-Man’s secret identity! The Vulture having no personal ties to Peter does not recognize him as anyone he should know, and the Vulture reckons that he has been beaten time and time again by a “nobody”. He then just drops Pete and leaves him to become a smear on the sidewalk! Enter The Black Cat! Felicia swings by just in time to catch pete and set him down on a rooftop! She then proceeds to fight the Vulture, ultimately managing to defeat and capture Adrian Toomes, and turns him over to the Owl, who has his men butcher and mangle Vulture’s face, revealing the gory results to Electro in order to strike fear into him prior to torture over Max Dillon’s role in the loss of Owl’s money. Meanwhile as Peter recovers from gunshot wounds and his injuries from Vulture, J. Jonah Jameson receives photos of the unmasked web-slinger and says “That’s a very familiar looking face”