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Marneus Calgar #5 2021 Comics

CALGAR’S ULTIMATE TEST! MARNEUS CALGAR’S deadly gambit brings him back to the moon where it all began…and an enemy who has been in hiding for centuries! To quell the threat of this darkest power, Calgar will show no mercy. There. Is. Only. WAR.

Marneus Calgar #4 2021 Comics

THE MAKING OF A SPACE MARINE! Young MARNEUS CALGAR has passed his Space Marine Aspirant testing... but that means the real trial is only just beginning! As Marneus undergoes the rigorous training, excruciating organ implantation and strenuous physical augmentation, he will have to prove that, against all odds, he has what it takes! And in the 41st Millennium, the assault on CALGAR ESTATES reaches a deadly climax!