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Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor (2022) #5

R89.00 Expected on or around Oct 5, 2022.
Writer: Torunn Gronbekk | Penciler: Michael Dowling | Cover Artist: Ryan Stegman Everything comes to a head in this brilliant and brutal conclusion to Torunn Grønbekk and Michael Dowling’s Jane Foster epic! The puppet master who has been leading all of Asgard’s enemies from the shadows will be revealed…as will the dark secrets of Rúna’s past. With Asgard torn asunder, will Jane and Thor arrive in time to save the Golden Realm from certain destruction?

Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #1 2022 Comics



When Mjolnir comes crashing through Jane Foster’s apartment window, she fears the worst has happened to Thor. As Asgard’s greatest enemies—including Hela, Ulik the Troll, and Enchantress—mount an assault on the Golden Realm, Jane must find Thor and save Asgard—even if that means she must once again risk her life to become Thor herself! LEGACY #20