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Ultimate Spiderman #133 2000 Comics

ULTIMATUM PART 5 It is only hours after the Ultimatum wave hit. This story continues from last issue, where the Hulk was seen causing a massive explosion. Now, Spider-Woman enters the destroyed Doctor Strange's house. Out of the rubble, the Hulk emerges, either possessed or simply in a rage, the Hulk chases down Spider-woman. If not for aiding S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopters, Spider-woman would be dead. The Hulk lost sight of Spider-woman after been blasted at by the choppers, and he fled. That story would continue in Ultimatum #4. Spider-woman then starts to look for Spider-Man. After failed attempts to find him, Kitty arrived to the wreckage, and the two helped citizens get to higher grounds.  After a flood from a sewer erupted, Kitty and Spider-woman found, along with countless bodies, Spider-Man's mask. No such luck for finding Spider-Man would come, and the next morning, Kitty arrived to Aunt May's house with horrible news; Spider-Man is gone. Kitty handed Mary Jane Spider-Man's mask, and the story ends.