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    Nightwing #67 Warren Louw Variant 2016 Comics


    (W) Dan Jurgens (A) Ronan Cliquet (CA) Warren Louw
    Accepting his destiny as the Gray Son, Ric Grayson joins his great-grandfather as the newest Talon! He’s cleaning up Blu¨dhaven and restoring order to a city that has been in complete and utter disarray for the past year. But at what cost? When he faces off against a new enemy whose metal tests his mettle, everyone’s values will be tested.

    Harley and Poison Ivy #2 Variant By Warren Louw


    (W) Jody Houser (A) Adriana Melo (CA) Warren Louw
    Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are on the run with the Floronic Man hot on their trail, desperate for Poison Ivy to understand her connection to the Green and join his new Parliament of Flowers. Knowing Gotham City isn’t the safest place for them under the new Bane order, Harley takes a hard left down a rabbit hole to seek sanctuary with a former patient and colleague, Jervis Tetch-a.k.a. the Mad Hatter-but his wonderland home isn’t all that it seems!

    Nightwing #60 Variant By Warren Louw 2016 Comics


    (W) Dan Jurgens (A) Chris Mooneyham (CA) Warren Louw
    Detective Alphonse Sapienza may be a natural-born leader, forged through his many years with the GCPD, but does that give him what it takes to lead the Night-wings when their lives are endangered as never before? As fires that seem to have a mind of their own rage through Blüdhaven targeting cops, the team is up against its greatest test yet. Joined by Ric Grayson, how will the Nightwings save the city’s finest from a red-hot vendetta and the city’s newest villain, Burnback?