The Joker 1:1 Scale Bust Statue Standard Edition


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Limited To 150 Pieces World Wide!


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From Academy Award-winning special effects makeup artist Rick Baker comes this haunting take on Batman’s most twisted foe, THE JOKER. With a history of creating some of film’s most iconic villains, Baker perfectly captures the Clown Prince of Crime’s psychotic demeanor in breathtaking detail. This life-sized 1:1 bust has been designed, sculpted and painted by Baker himself. Measuring approximately 22.5″ tall, this poly-resin bust is the ultimate eerie statement piece from DC GALLERY.  The Clown Prince of Crime is ready to rumble in this jaw droppingly detailed limited edition 1:1 bust. The bust will feature an alternate deco with an orange shirt and purple vest.
Limited Edition of 150 numbered pieces.