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Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #5 PRE-ORDER

R130.00 Expected on or around at a future date.
The most dangerous person in the Marvel Universe has thrown in with some of the most dangerous people in the Fortnite universe. But what does Doom really want? And how far will he go to get it?

The Amazing Spider-Man (2022) #13

R89.00 Expected on or around Nov 9, 2022.
Writer: Zeb Wells | Artist: John Romita Jr. | Cover Artist: John Romita Jr.Hobgoblin’s story comes to a chilling end, and no one is going to be rocked harder by it than Norman Osborn! Witness the birth of the Gold Goblin! What does this mean for our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man?!

Miracleman: The Silver Age (2022) #2

R99.00 Expected on or around Nov 23, 2022.
Writer: Neil Gaiman | Artist: Mark Buckingham | Cover Artist: Mark BuckinghamGaiman and Buckingham’s epic has returned and you won’t believe where the story goes. Miracleman has his old friend back, but Young Miracleman has never felt more alone. Where can a hero from a simpler time call home in this brave new world? Remastered from MIRACLEMAN (1985) #24 with stunning new artwork by Mark Buckingham!

Spider-Man (2022) #2

R89.00 Expected on or around Nov 9, 2022.
Writer: Dan Slott | Artist: Mark Bagley | Cover Artist: Mark Bagley“THE END OF THE SPIDER-VERSE” RAGES ON! After the tragedy of the first issue, our Spider-Heroes try to make a plan against Morlun. But Morlun isn’t their only problem… SHATHRA is back and more powerful than the last time she nearly killed Peter and Ezekiel. Last time, Peter tricked Shathra, and she’s had plenty of time to plan his death and the death of ALL SPIDERS!

Fantastic Four (2022) #1

R150.00 Expected on or around Nov 9, 2022.
Writer: Ryan North | Artist: Iban Coello | Cover Artist: Alex Ross“WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE FANTASTIC FOUR?” It’s the start of a new era for the Fantastic Four…and they’re already in a ton of trouble. Something has gone terribly wrong in New York, and the Thing and Alicia are traveling across America to escape it! But when they stop in a small town for the night and wake up the morning before they arrived, they find themselves caught in a time loop that’s been going on since before they were born… That’s been going on since before they were born… That’s been going on since before they were born…

X-Treme X-Men (2022) #1

R150.00 Expected on or around Nov 30, 2022.
Writer: Chris Claremont | Artist: Salvador Larroca | Cover Artist: Salvador LarrocaTHE X-TREME TEAM IS BACK! Legendary X-scribe Chris Claremont reunites with artistic dynamo Salvador Larroca for an all-new story set just after the groundbreaking original run of X-TREME X-MEN! A powerful psychic attack on Kitty Pryde from her old enemy Ogun brings the X-Treme team back together for a high-stakes mission…but what secret is Ogun hiding, and will even the combined might of Bishop, Sage, Gambit, Rogue, Rachel Summers, Storm, and Wolverine be enough to stop his insidious plan?

Sabretooth & the Exiles (2022) #1

R150.00 Expected on or around Nov 9, 2022.
Writer: Victor LaValle | Artist: Leonard Kirk | Cover Artist: Ryan StegmanSABRETOOTH TAKES HIS DESTINY INTO HIS OWN CLAWED HANDS! The powers that be condemned SABRETOOTH to the pit for breaking the rules of Krakoa. But now he's free—and ready to show the world you can't keep Victor Creed down—even as the EXILES from Krakoa speed along in hot pursuit! A new chapter in the fan-favorite saga begins in brutal fashion, but when DR. BARRINGTON gets her hooks in Creed, he'll be lucky to survive the first issue! Victor LaValle and Leonard Kirk return for this unforgettable installment in the chronicles of one of Marveldom's most vicious mutants!

Star Wars: Revelations (2022) #1

R150.00 Expected on or around Nov 9, 2022.
Writer: Marc Guggenheim | Artist: Paco Medina | Cover Artist: Phil NotoTHE CAN’T-MISS STAR WARS ISSUE OF THE YEAR! After WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS came CRIMSON REIGN…now in the midst of HIDDEN EMPIRE, Qi’ra has shaken the galactic landscape to its core! …But what lies beyond for the Rebellion? For the Empire? What role do the bounty hunters play? And what is happening to Doctor Aphra? Witness the next step in the legacy of heroes and scoundrels in the galaxy far, far away as Marc Guggenheim (HAN SOLO & CHEWBACCA) is joined by a ragtag team of artists to bring you an explosive tale you won’t soon forget! The path to the future of STAR WARS starts here!

Ghost Rider (2022) #8

R89.00 Expected on or around Nov 9, 2022.
Writer: Benjamin Percy | Artist: Cory Smith | Cover Artist: Kael NguJohnny Blaze and Talia Warroad—working together?! As part of a splinter unit within the F.B.I., they will map out the shadow highways that crisscross the country, uncovering the larger design of an underworld conspiracy!

Defenders: Beyond (2022) #5

R89.00 Expected on or around Nov 23, 2022.
Writer: Al Ewing | Artist: Javier Rodriguez | Cover Artist: Javier RodriguezTHE FINAL TRIAL OF LOKI! The final trial of Loki, America Chavez and the rest of the Defenders sees them entering…the one and only House of Ideas!

Star Wars: The Mandalorian (2022) #5

R99.00 Expected on or around Nov 2, 2022.
Writer: Rodney Barnes | Artist: Georges Jeanty | Cover Artist: Stephanie HansTHE GUNSLINGER On a familiar desert planet, the Mandalorian helps a rookie bounty hunter who is in over his head.

Moon Knight (2021) #17

R89.00 Expected on or around Nov 9, 2022.
Writer: Jed MacKay | Artist: Alessandro Cappuccio | Cover Artist: Rachelle RosenbergThe Structure is poised to make their claim on New York City, but before Moon Knight and his allies can strike at them, the super-assassins Grand Mal and the Nemean must be dealt with. But how will Moon Knight handle two killers who beat him once already? And what shocking revelations will Marc Spector learn about the Fists of Khonshu?