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Infinite Crisis Special Rann-Thanagar War #1 2006 Comics

'Hands of Fate'. Infinite Crisis is here — and the Cosmic Storm rages out of control, threatening the fate of the entire universe! While the Rannian and Thanagarian flagships each suspect that the other is responsible for the disturbances, Donna Troy must lead her team of space champions into the cosmos in an attempt to prevent total destruction. But as the war rages on, a startling discovery will be uncovered, one hero will be forever changed, and another will make the ultimate sacrifice.

Infinite Crisis #6 2005 Comics

Read the latest mini-issue of the best selling series by Geoff Johns! As Earth's internal dissent increases in magnitude, things go from bad to worse as Superboy Prime takes on the Justice League of America!

Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1 2nd Printing 2005 Comics

Everything you knew about the DC Universe changes and it all begins right here with a prelude issue to the DCU mega-event INFINITE CRISIS! Superstar writers Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka and Judd Winick team with a bevy of artists for a story that alters the very face of the DC Universe for years to come!