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Justice League United Collectors Set #6-10 2014 Comics

Justice League United THE INFINITUS SAGA: PART 2 While the rest of her new team are outside facing some threat, Miiyahbin Marten is stuck inside watching over young Ultra, the Multi-Alien. She explains that she is nervous about being a super-hero, having never even left her home town of Moosonee before. Ultra promises not to tell the others, admitting that he likes her. Bashfully, she responds that despite being the first alien she ever talked to, she likes him too. As they sit, waiting, Ultra places his hand over hers.  Outside, the rest of the team are in combat with The Cadre - a low-level group of mercenaries, albeit with formidable power sets. Fortunately, some of the Legion of Super-Heroes are there to help. The Cadre has been sent by Byth Rok to collect Ultra so that he may ensure that by the 31st Century, the boy will become a world consuming entity known as Infinitus.  Meanwhile, on the moon of Ryngor in the Polaris System, Byth warns Supergirl that she is too late to stop Infinitus' coming. He claims that a new universe is on its way, a living universe that will consume this one, and purify everything. Green Arrow, in the meantime, is stuck battling an obviously brainwashed Hawkman, trying desperately to dodge the Thanagarian's attacks while hoping to talk some sense back into him. Star Girl looks up into space and sees an anomaly that appears to be worsening, and worries that the team needs to do something about it.  Back on Earth, Brainiac 5 predicts victory over the Cadre within minutes, but unexpectedly, Black Mass teleports into the bunker and grabs Equinox and Ultra before teleporting to the moon of Ryngor. When he finds Supergirl punching Byth in the face, he decides to teleport her away, giving Equinox a chance to carry Ultra out of harm's way. When she tries to urge him over to where the rest of the League is, she finds that he is transfixed by the glowing anomaly above. Distracted with trying to get through to him, Miiyahbin is grabbed and knocked out by Byth, who then turns to Ultra and explains that they need to go into the anomaly. By the time the Leaguers realize what's happening, Byth has already manipulated Ultra into calling down a horde of Infinity Wraiths.  Supergirl is suddenly ejected back into the bunker where her friends and the Legionnaires are waiting. After she explains what happened, Martian Manhunter calls out to Sardath for help transporting them to Ryngor with the Zeta Beam. Sardath admits that there is too much interference to do so. Fortunately, Brainiac 5 has already sent reinforcements to Ryngor in the form of the Legion Lost.