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Superman Lois and Clark #1 2015 Comics (Copy)

Superman Lois and Clark In this prelude to DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH, the Superman and Lois Lane of the pre-New 52 DC Universe return in SUPERMAN: LOIS AND CLARK, from the creative team of Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks! They were the first couple of truth and justice, the Man of Steel and the tough-as-nails reporter who was the love of his life. Then came the Flashpoint…the Convergence…and their world was wiped from reality, replaced with the New 52 worlds that make up the Multiverse.

Superman (2007) #661 Comic Book

DANGEROUS LADY An ancient and vicious curse set into motion by the Greek gods hits Metropolis, challenging Superman in a

Dark Knights of Steel: Tales From the Three Kingdoms (2022) #1 Comic Book

THE FLOCK / KING’S BANE The El Kingdom has been ruled with integrity and honesty for generations, by familes from