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Black Panther #1 2023 Comics

Aug 2023
40 pages

Black Panther (2021) #14 Comic Book

ALL THIS AND THE WORLD, TOO: BOOK FOUR ENTER NAMOR! Battered and beaten after his grueling battle with Captain America, T’Challa

Wakanda (2023) #5 Comic Book

WITHOUT QUESTION / HISTORY OF BLACK PANTHERS, CHAPTER FIVE: FORGING MODERNITY The dramatic conclusion of the Wakanda anthology! After the events of WAKANDA

Black Panther (2021) #11

Writer: John Ridley | Artist: German Peralta | Cover Artist: Alex Ross THE BEGINNING OF A NEW ARC—"ALL THIS AND THE WORLD TOO"! When global communications are shut down by an unknown militant force, the Avengers are called to stop them. But armed with powerful vibranium weapons and eerie knowledge on how to take down the Avengers one by one, this new squadron has T'Challa especially worried. And the reveal of who is leading them threatens to shatter everything T'Challa has come to understand and trust! LEGACY #208

Black Panther: Unconquered (2022) #1

Writer: Bryan Hill | Artist: Alberto Foche | Cover Artist: Ken Lashley The scribe behind 2019’s acclaimed KILLMONGER limited series, Hill returns to Wakanda to explore the land’s rich mythology once again with a thought-provoking story that will see the emergence of a threat deeply rooted in Wakanda history. In order to combat it, Black Panther will have to learn new secrets about Wakanda’s ancient past and unlock a new connection to the Panther god, Bast.

Wakanda (2022) #1

Writer: Evan Narcisse, Stephanie Renee Williams | Penciler: Paco Medina, Natacha Bustos | Cover Artist: Mateus Manhanini The Black Panther is no longer welcome in Wakanda! Who is this proud nation without its king? This exciting new miniseries answers that question as each issue spotlights a different fan-favorite Wakandan character. First up: Shuri proves that being without the Black Panther doesn’t mean Wakanda is without heroes to protect it - and that there is a reason she too once wielded the power. Plus, part one of the “History of the Black Panthers” backup story, providing for the first time anywhere a definitive overview of every Wakandan who has ever held the mantle of the Black Panther!