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Strange (2022) #7

R89.00 Expected on or around Oct 26, 2022.
Writer: Jed Mackay| Penciler: Marcelo Ferreira | Cover Artist: Lee GarbettThe Sorcerer Supreme of Death! Clea and Wong have uncovered who is behind the zombie resurrections of the deceased heroes and villains. But they’re going to need all the help they can get, including from the Sorcerer Supreme of Death…the Harvestman!

Strange Academy: Finals (2022) #1

R150.00 Expected on or around Oct 26, 2022.
Writer: Skottie Young | Penciler: Humberto Ramos | Cover Artist: Humberto RamosFreshmen Year is almost over! From day one, people have been wondering – who is the savior of Strange Academy, and who can bring it all down? The future of Marvel Magic is going to be decided here and it will take FAR more than the Sorcerer Supreme and his school if magic has a chance!

Strange #6 2022 Comics PRE ORDER

WONG TAKES CENTER STAGE! Someone has stolen pieces of Wong’s memory! But he’s going to need them back to stop the Blasphemy Cartel! It’s up to Wong and Bats to retrace their steps to find the truth! But could this memory be better off forgotten?LEGACY #422Estimated arrival July 2022

Strange Academy #8 Art Adams Character Spotlight Variant 2020 Comics

Students of Strange Academy go on a perfectly normal field trip… to space… uncovering a magical artifact… with Rocket and Groot. Yep, perfectly normal. Meanwhile, WHAT IS THE RING OF DREAD?!