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Secret Warps Part 5 Iron Hammer Annual #1 2019 Comics

SECRET WARPS, PART 5: "SECRET INFINITY WARP WARPS" Whatever has been causing worlds to smash together is out of control...and starts smashing Warp Worlds heroes into one another! As the heroes begin turning into strange new amalgamations, can even Ghost Hammer turn things back to normal? "FENRIS IN A BOTTLE!" - A bonus tale of Sigurd Stark battling the twin wolves of addiction and Fenris the god devourer!

Secret Warps Part 3 Ghost Panther Annual #1 2019 Comics

SECRET WARPS, PART 3: "DAYS OF FUTURE MARS" The stunt-riding cursed king of Wakanda, the Ghost Panther, heads to the far future…in the year 2099! Can he rally the inheritors of the legacy of his fellow heroes to defeat the Martian invaders? "MIDNIGHT MASS" - A bonus tale of T’Challa taking on creatures of the night alongside Knightblade!

Secret Warps Part 4 Arachknight Annual #1 2019 Comics

(W) Al Ewing, Jim Zub (A) Carlos E. Gomez & Various (CA) Carlos E. Gomez
"SECRET WARPS," PART 4 - SUPREMEUNIVERSAL! The web-spinning Arachknight finds himself out of the depth of all four of his personas as his own warped universe begins colliding with another - the New Supreme Universe, homes of the Supreme Seven! PLUS: A bonus tale of ol' AK trying to persuade the Terrific Two to become a Trio!