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Mech Strike: Monster Hunters (2022) #5

R89.00 Expected on or around Oct 26, 2022.
Writer: Christos Gage | Penciler: Paco Diaz | Cover Artist: EJ Su Doctor Doom has evolved into his final, most monstrous form yet! The Avengers will need an army of allies to face this threat – but will even that be enough to take down giant-size Doom?! It’s armored action on a massive scale for this explosive finale!

Mech Strike Monster Hunters #3 (of 5) 2022 Comics PRE ORDER

It's monstrous mayhem when Loki unleashes the legendary Kraken upon the armored Avengers! And even if they manage to survive, the heroes still have to deal with Dr. Doom, Venom... and the monsterized version of one of Marvel's biggest and baddest villains! You won't believe the final-page reveal! Estimated arrival July 2022