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Batman: Dark Victory TP Second Edition 7th Printing GN

In this new edition of the sequel to BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN, Gotham City is overrun by freaks like Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, and The Joker. To save his city, The Dark Knight investigates the seeming return of the serial killer called Holiday—and must learn who is committing crimes in his name! Collecting issues #0-13 of the hit series! This edition includes two story pages not in the original series and an introduction by The Dark Knight Rises co-writer David S. Goyer.

Tales Of The Batman Alan Brennert GN Hard Cover

(W) Alan Brennert (A) Jim Aparo & Various (CA) Jim Aparo
The Dark Knight stars in this new collection of tales written by Alan Brennert from Detective Comics #500; Brave and the Bold #178, 181, 182, 197; Secret Origins #50, Christmas With the Superheroes Special #2; Batman: Holy Terror and Gotham Knights #10
This will be available to collect or ship in 4-5 weeks