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Flash #782 Nauck Card Stock Variant 2016 Comics



The Speed Force on lockdown! Some of the Rogues are plotting something big inside Iron Heights, and the Flash goes inside to root out the plot. Meanwhile, Wallace figures out his future, and Linda tries to find out if she really has powers...

The Flash #792 2016 Comics AUGUST PRE ORDER

A DARK CRISIS TIE-IN: THE SEARCH FOR BARRY ALLEN! Just when the speedsters seem to have snapped Barry out of Pariah’s clutches, Wallace seems to be falling in…and the creator of Barry's mind prisons isn’t about to let the team of speedsters just run off. And even if they could, where exactly would they run to…? The Dark Crisis tie-in storyline races to its conclusion! DARK CRISIS TIE-IN Expected arrival August 2022

The Flash Rebirth #5 2009 Comics

REARVIEW MIRRORS It looks like the Speed Force has chosen a new role for Barry Allen in the DCU—the role of the Black Flash, avatar of death! As Barry tires of outrunning the responsibility, he rests within the Speed Force itself, and what he finds will shock you!