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    Lobo Annual #1 2014 Comics


    Lobo’s faced murderers, thieves and tyrants as he slaughtered his way across the universe, but now he meets the one group that might shut down his work for good: the Sinestro Corps!

    Lobo #13 2014 Comics


    Exposed to a new, toxic alien drug, Lobo deals with its effects on his mind-while facing renegade Green Lantern Hal Jordan at the same time!

    Lobo #12 2014 Comics


    After falling victim to a deadly new drug that’s making its way through the black markets of the universe, Lobo begins to doubt his own sanity!

    Lobo #11 2014 Comics


    On a mission from Sinestro, Lobo hunts the last of the Red Lanterns—but will his involvement reignite the rage that fuels this deadly corps?

    Lobo #10 2014 Comics


    Lobo is finally face-to-face with Sinestro! But did our favorite bounty hunter bite off more than he could chew when he agreed to kill the leader of the Yellow Lanterns?

    Lobo #9 2014 Comics


    As Lobo hunts for Sinestro and a big payday, only one more killer stands in his way: Wyvern Cross, possibly the only alien more deadly than the last Czarnian!

    Lobo #8 2014 Comics


    Lobo battles fiendish robotic surgeons in the horrific ‘flesh factory’!

    Lobo #7 2014 Comics


    Cosmic speakeasies, intergalactic drug dens and even exotic alien women can’t distract Lobo from his first love: hunting men for money! Once you’re on Lobo’s hit list, there are only two possible outcomes: your death or his.

    Lobo #6 2014 Comics


    Lobo squares off with the last assassins attacking Earth!

    Lobo #5 2014 Comics


    As Lobo grows closer to preventing the destruction of Earth, an old foe returns and reveals Lobo’s role in the destruction of his homeworld.

    Lobo #4 2014 Comics


    Continued from the pages of last month’s BATMAN/SUPERMAN #17! Lobo’s on a mission to save Earth, and he doesn’t have time for distractions – especially from the Last Son of Krypton! Get ready for Lobo versus Superman!

    Lobo #3 2014 Comics


    Learn the truth about Lobo, including why he left his home, how he adopted the code he lives by and how he’s going to defeat six deadly assassins trying to destroy the Earth! If that’s not enough, wait till you see what he does when a special guest star is revealed on the last page of this issue!