The Phantom Stranger

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    The Phantom Stranger #42 2010 Comics


    Spotlighting the DC Universe’s magic-based characters! The Phantom Stranger, with Blue Devil at his side, battles the Black Lantern Spectre with little hope of success. Meanwhile, Black Lantern Deadman delves into the Phantom Stranger, compelled to learn the mysterious hero’s true origins. But what dangers will arise if the Phantom Stranger’s enigmatic past is revealed? Find out in another of this month’s one-issue revivals of classic DC Universe titles!

    The Phantom Stranger #3 2012 Comics


    The Stranger vs. Haunted Highwayman vs. Dr. 13! The Stranger’s curse dictates that he must betray all those he encounters! Can he beat the odds this time? The future and past of The New 52 collide in this issue!

    The Phantom Stranger #4 2012


    John Constantine and Justice League Dark are about to learn the hard way why it’s never a good idea to make the Phantom Stranger angry! But why do the defenders against the dark arts need the Stranger’s presence in the first place?

    The Phantom Stranger #2 2011 Comics


    The Phantom Stranger comes face to face with PANDORA! ? Plus, meet the deadly sons of Trigon – and behold Dr. 13!

    The Phantom Stranger #1 2011 Comics


    An all-new series focusing on secrets of The New 52 you never imagined! The Phantom Stranger strikes a bargain with Lord Trigon that will have serious repercussions in the DC Universe! From afar, Pandora watches!