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    Jenna Jamesons Shadow Hunter Collectors Set 2008 Comics


    (A) Mukesh Singh (CA) Greg Horn
    by Christina Z & Mukesh Singh
    Demons. Slaying. Sex. What else would you expect from a comic conceived by Jenna Jameson and realized by Witchblade co-creator Christina Z.? In a tale dripping with epic destinies, dangerous creatures and dark passions, one woman will rise from the ashes of her “normal” life to discover a fate she never imagined. Before a tragic accident that sets our heroine on a quest that will change the world as we know it, she has an encounter with a mysterious figure who claims to know of her “true” potential. Secret origins, strange conspiracies, and a connection to a mythological feminine force as old as time will all be revealed. This special preview issue features a cover by Greg Horn, prequel story, preview of pages from issue #1, sexy pin-ups, and a revealing interview with Jenna Jameson and Christina Z.
    COLLECTS ISSUES 0 , 1 , 2 AND 3